Thursday, September 9, 2010


YOU SHOULD MAKE YOUR OWN GREETING CARDS!!!  I read this on the front page of MSN today, and maybe many of you out there in blog land did too, but if not I am quoting it here for you to read.  The article was titled "6 outrageously overpriced products"  Number 1 was overpriced movie popcorn. Number 2 was Greeting cards.  Here is what the article said about greeting cards.

"Since when does a folded-up piece of paper cost $2.99? Since someone slaps a precious kitty picture and a cleverly written message on it and then stamps the back of it with a logo. That's right -- we're talking about those pricey greeting cards.
Many consumers spend hours poring over the neatly arranged stacks in the greeting card aisle, searching for the perfect message for a sister's birthday, their parents' anniversary or "just because."
The average greeting card costs between $2 and $4, and consumers don't seem to think twice about paying that precipitous price. The markup is between 100% and 200%, which is not quite as shocking as movie theater popcorn, but it adds up. When you consider how many of those paper jewels you buy each year, it's enough to send you running for the construction paper and markers. After all, it costs only a few cents to create a homemade card."

I often here the excuse, "well you have to spend so much money on supplies just to make a few greeting cards".  My answer to that is "yes and no".  You can go over board and buy every product available for card making, or you can keep it simple and just buy what you need.  Rubber stamps can be used over and over again, and ink pads don't need to be re-inked but once every 100+ cards.  You can make your cards as simple or elaborate as you want, but I can assure you your hand-made cards will not cost $2 and $4to make like you would pay if you bought your cards at the store.  A hand-made card is so much more personal, and you know the recipient appreciates it so much more.  National card making day is Oct. 2.  Plan to make your holiday cards this year, and if I can help you with any ideas please contact me.

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