Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello Stampers and Bloggers,

It's been a couple months since I last blogged, and that's because I have had a few exciting and not so exciting events happen in my life and I have been very busy taking care those matters.  The not so good news is my very dear mother who I love so much passed away on January 26th.  She had been living in an assistant living facility near me since July 2010.  This past December right before Christmas she had a very bad fall in her apartment and was rushed to the hospital.  After being released from the hospital she was then admitted to a rehab facility where she was being rehabilitated daily and doing quite well.  I had so much hope that she would eventually be released to her assistant living facility again, but unfortunately she caught pneumonia and never recovered.  The past couple weeks have been very difficult for me and my sister as we needed to move her things from her apt, handle tons of paper work, and make arraignments for her memorial service.  Here is one of the last photo's I took of my mother.

Now for the exciting news!!   My daughter Elizabeth and her boyfriend Chris of five years got engaged right after New Years.  Elizabeth met Chris her freshman year in college and they have been together ever since.  Both families are so excited and we can't wait for Chris to be "officially" part of our family.  Here are a couple pictures I took of them the day after Chris proposed to Elizabeth.  CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETH AND CHRIS!!

Thank you for stopping by and reading why I've been MIA.  I'm looking forward to a new year with lots of exciting news, samples, products, pictures and more.

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  1. first of all, love the new owls on your page!! second, that is such a great photo of Grandma Lo. I miss her a lot and will always remember how sweet she was. She lived a great long life and will forever rest in peace in heaven!!