Thursday, August 19, 2010


I've been gone for a week moving my youngest daughter back to Tallahassee, FL where she is starting her second year at Florida State. Last year she lived on campus in a dorm, but this year she and her best friend are renting an apartment off campus. It was a very HOT and difficult move because the manager of the apt. complex did not have the apt. ready for the girls to move into liked she promised when we signed the lease last spring.  After my husband and I made many repairs, cleaned, and painted, and cleaned, and did I say clean...we finally moved the many boxes, bags and Rubbermaid containers up to the third floor (no elevators) in 91 degree heat at midnight. Yes, you read that correctly....91 degrees at midnight. After three long days of non-stop work my husband and I drove back to Orlando, and my daughter continued unpacking. She called today and said she had most everything put away and her apt. looks nice, and she is and her best friend are happy.  Classes start Monday morning. 

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