Sunday, January 13, 2013


Once upon a time...there was a girl who needed a creativity escape...
She didn't have time to create
(she was about to pull her hair out)
She didn't know what to create
(she spends hours on Pinterest)

She didn't want to buy a lot of stuff.

Luckily, today was different.

I arrived on her doorstep
 (my name is Paper Pumpkin)

I looked so good on the outside, but she loved what she saw on the inside when she opened me up.

I was filled with everything she needed-
Stamps, ink, paper and accessories-all cut, measured and ready to create a sweet project.  No mess, No extras. No craft-aftermath.

She created me.  She smiled.  She pinned me.  Her friends were so impressed!

This is her story.
Now let's create yours.
$19.95 a month
Starts in March

Need More Information?
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